Arnold Classic Hair & Make-Up

Arnold Classic Hair & Make-Up

March 2-4, 2023
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Pro Tan® stops online registration a week from the contest to finalize the schedule of hair and make-up times, please make sure to book your appointment beforehand.

Appointments are scheduled in the order of events (who steps on stage first, is serviced first). Appointment times will be emailed 3-5 days prior to the contest.

Artist requests will be considered, but are not guarenteed. Artist requests are on a first come first serve basis. 

Extension Policy: There is no additional charge for extensions. In an effort to not charge athletes for this service, hair extensions must be in excellent condition and clipped in prior to the appointment. Artists are not responsible for wig installs, extension installs, cut or color.  Artists will move the extensions if needed. 

For Arnold Amateur Tanning, click here. 

For Arnold Classic Tanning, click here

  1. HMU Services are scheduled every 30-45 minutes. Being late to your appointment will result in a shortened appointment. Your HMU artist will complete what they can within that time frame. If more time is required, your artist will provide you with a return time once all the days services are completed. 
  2. It is the athletes responsibility to ensure they have not double booked any HMU. If such occurs, athlete forfeits their duplicate payment as an appointment could have been assigned to another athlete. 
  3. Lashes are included in your make-up package purchase. 
  4. Face must be clean with no spray tan or products on the skin when arriving to your appointment. 
  5. Avoid facials or other skincare procedures at least 7 days prior to your appointment. This includes chemical peels. Make-up cannot be properly applied to peeling skin. 
  6. Hair must be dry completely and no more than 2 days since your last wash. 
  7. Hair extensions (clip-ins) must be with you cleaned and combed. Hair stylists will not provide any specialized installations or cuts/trims. 
  8. If appointment times are available after the show has started and into blocks of time labeled “risk”, athlete may choose to be moved to that time at their own risk. Pro Tan and its HMU partners are not responsible for missing your stage time or other appointments. If an athlete requests such, written confirmation of understanding risk is required. 
  9. HMU packages are refundable up to 5 days prior to the contest. Once the website has closed online registration, your package is non-refundable and non-transferable.
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