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For over 30 years Pro Tan® has been the Number One selling Competition Tanning product in the World for a reason. Time and time again our products deliver the most reliable and natural looking tan for Bodybuilders, Fitness Athletes, Bikini Models and everyone in between. It is this trust that allows Pro Tan® to continue its success while assuring you the highest quality skin care and tanning formulas designed to help make you #1.

Originally started in 1985 with Original Muscle Up® Professional Posing Oil for men and women and a few skin care products for body builder athletes, everything changed in 1987 with the invention of Pro Tan® Instant Competition Color. Since that time Pro Tan® has participated in over 10,000 bodybuilding shows; thus, becoming the most trusted competition color and the Preferred Brand of NPC.

Every Pro Tan® formula is a living and growing embodiment of the Pro Tan’s Philosophy: to work with athletic physiques in their finest state, to treat the skin as a soft canvas, to tone and tan the skin to reflect the individual and reveal their true definition without compromise.

To realize this philosophy, Pro Tan® believes that utilizing the latest in skin care ingredients and tanning technology at optimum levels is required to deliver perfect looking skin tone and color.

We at Pro Tan® thank each of you for allowing us to be a part of your continued success and welcome you to become a part of Team Pro Tan®.

Maintain Balance and Think Positive,

Team Pro Tan®

Stacy Kaufman




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Learn More About Elite Performance

Chris has been working in the fitness industry since 2003  and has been working with NPC athletes since 2006. For a number of years he operated as the Vendor & Media coordinator for North Carolina NPC assisting the North Carolina chairman and promoters in production of marketing materiel, generation of sponsorships and competitor awards & giveaways.
In 2010 Chris traveled with IFBB Pro and North Carolina NPC Chairman Mike Valentino to his competition in Orlando.   This trip to the IFBB Orlando Pro inspired Chris to work towards increasing the competitor experience in the Carolinas.  His goal and mindset became focused on bringing the same level of excellence to the local events he worked as was experienced on the NPC National and IFBB Pro level.
“What I felt was lacking was a concierge white glove level of service backstage.  The vast majority of athletes who hit the stage will never make their way past that stage.  Many of them are one and done. To them, that stage in the Olympia. They deserve to have the same experience locally that other athletes have at the National and Pro level.  That has been my motivation since day one.  I want to positively impact someones experience, make them a “raving fan” of the NPC and lifestyle and to provide them what we started calling “The Ultimate Competitor Experience”.  As the sport was evolving what needed to happen was to make it more customer service oriented and less intimidating.  If we can be a smiling face and comfort to someone backstage additional to the level of expertise we providing tanning, makeup and hair services then we can really make an impact. “

Learn More at ElitePerformanceTanning.com.

Learn More About Tan 2 Win

Tan2Win, it’s all in the name.

As a former figure competitor witnessing the varying standards of the tanning process, the lack of customer service and disheartening tanning stories from athletes; my husband Curtis and I recognized the tanning experience needed an overhaul. Curtis had experience in the airbrush tanning industry and extensive background in engineering and design. I am a Speech Language Pathologist specializing in communication with a diverse background in business development. We made a commitment to utilize our knowledge and skill sets to influence a positive changes in the industry and the sport we love. As a result, Tan2Win was forged with two core goals. (1) To re-innovate the industries tanning process with cutting edge technology and products. (2) To rebirth and implement old fashioned, genuine customer service.

Beginning in our second year, we introduced our newly developed, “Tan Handler” air filtration system. Our one of kind system leaves the room air void of overspray mist creating a much cleaner environment for the athlete, employee, facility and allows a much quicker dry time. The high velocity filtered air is exhausted through a rear opening that is used as a finish dryer. This innovation ensures the highest quality along with the quickest “start to finish” airbrush spray tan in the industry. Also in our second year, we introduced our newly designed interactive website in which the athlete may choose and schedule convenient tanning, hair and makeup appointment times.

The pursuit of our second goal has been a joyful journey that has allowed us to meet and develop genuine, long lasting relationships with friends from all over the world. We believe each of our clients deserves to receive not only the best winning tan, but one delivered by highly trained professionals. This customer service concept is not just a goal, it is a standard. As our name implies, we want our clients to Tan2Win with us!

Finally, after many years of hard work, education, research and dedication, we at Tan2Win find ourselves among an elite group of professional airbrush tanning artists. We have had the privilege of providing airbrush tanning services to a significant portion of the world’s top IFBB Pro’s and thousands of NPC athletes from more than 30 countries. The year 2018 marks a new and exciting chapter for all of us at Tan2Win as we partner with the amazing team at Pro Tan to bring the industry even more technology, services and standards that we feel will continue to redefine the industry.

We feel blessed that Tan2Win and Pro Tan share many mutual visions that will no doubt reshape and improve this amazing industry now and in the future. To see our full story, visit us at Tan2win.com.

Learn More About Radiance

Joann and Toby are the owner/operators of Radiance Spray Tanning.  Joann started spray tanning after her husband began competing in bodybuilding competitions in 2011.  After spraying him and several other family and friends, she started training with the professionals at ProTan.
They both enjoy the fitness lifestyle and the bodybuilding world; as well as helping competitors look their best. They starting running their own shows in 2015 and strive to create a stress-free experience for all.  Joann manages the spray room and Toby oversees the check-in desk and backstage crew.

Learn More at RadianceSprayTanning.com.

Learn More About Champion USA

The Champion Spray USA team of technicians pride ourselves on delivering excellent, quality work and amazing customer service.  We have worked hard to build close relationships with athletes, promotors and members of the NPC/IFBB, and with respect for these associations, we will continue to serve the fitness/bodybuilding community at the highest level.  We are here to ensure that the shows run smoothly, and that every athlete has a wonderful and memorable experience.

Many of our technicians are top bodybuilders and fitness athletes, who have competition experience, and therefore, possess a keen eye for the right color and balance. We draw on our personal and professional experiences to bring out your best qualities, and we know what it takes to give you a flawless stage appearance.

Learn More at ChampionSprayUSA.com.

Learn More About Tan Masters

Tan Masters and Tan Masters Global provides on-site competition tanning services with one goal in mind: to ensure the athletes physique receives a stage color that will enhance and showcase the individual’s hard work and dedication the second they step on stage.

Together, our trained team of professionals has tanned more than 15,000 athletes since 2006 and takes pride in helping you look your best on stage. At Tan Masters, we want only the best for our athletes, which is why we use Pro Tan competition color for every event. Pro Tan competition color is known to be one of the best competition tanning products on the market and it allows us to deliver the most perfect looking color for your skin type. Our company is trusted by bodybuilders, figure, fitness, bikini and physique competitors because they know we can create a winning look even before they step foot on stage.

After months of hard work, allow us to provide you with the right color for you. The right color can determine whether you win or lose! Don’t take a chance on your tan; allow the Pro’s at Tan Masters to handle “the finishing touch” for you.

Learn More at tanmasters.biz and tanmastersglobal.com

Learn More About Martini Spray Tan

Martini Spray Tan has been specializing in competition tanning services since 2009. We offer a professional competition tanning service throughout Nevada, Utah, Southern California and Seattle, WA. We offer both private male/female tanning areas for privacy during our on-site tanning events.

Learn More at MartiniSprayTan.com