General F.A.Q.

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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How do I register for my tanning package for my contest?

Upon deciding on which contest you choose to compete in, review our “Competition Schedule” on the Pro Tan® website. Here, you will see over 100 contests where the Pro Tan® Professional Spray Tanning Team or Certified Affiliates are the Official Tanning Provider. Direct links to book your tan are beside each contests name.

If you do not see your contest, visit our DIY Tanning page where you can find a variety of pre-packaged kits that provide you with everything you need for your contest. Each kit comes with a step-by-step guide to educate you on proper application steps. For further questions, you can e-mail where a Pro Tan® Product Expert will assist you.

How many applications should I choose?

Our two application is the most common package purchased and consists of one application of the Overnight Competition Color the day/evening before the contest and one application of the Top Coat Bronzer the morning of the contest. The need for additional applications is based on your natural skin tone and desired final result. For further questions, you can e-mail with a photo of your natural skin tone and a Pro Tan® Product Expert will assist you.

I added a tanning package to my cart, how do I book my tanning appointment?

Once you have added your tanning package to your cart, you can begin the checkout process where you will be asked a variety of questions like your arrival time into the destination city, preferred appointment time for your first application and many more. These answers assist our scheduler in creating a schedule that works with your travel schedule, as well as the most convenient times for you to tan based on your needs.

When will I be sent the tanning schedule?

Tanning Schedules are e-mailed to the e-mail address provided at check-out one week before your contest. You will be notified of the tanning location and all pertinent information in this e-mail.

Is there a fee for touch-ups, oil, and glue?

All purchased tanning packages include backstage services like color touch-ups, oil, and glue. Pro Tan® staff members are in designated backstage areas 45 minutes before the show beginning and do not leave until the last athlete crosses the stage for both pre-judging and final shows.

For athletes who do not purchase a tanning package but wish to be serviced backstage by the Pro Tan®, staff can do so at a service charge of $25.

What should I wear to my appointment?

You should wear dark, loose fitting clothing to your appointment with no tight elastics. We recommend 100% cotton. Pro Tan® post-tan apparel like our famous “Tan & Chill” shirts are available for purchase at the check-in desk. Undergarments should be avoided post-tanning.

Will the solution stain my clothing?

There may be remaining cosmetic bronzers on your clothing post-tan but will more than likely be removed once washed. It is recommended to not wear any apparel of significant value to your tanning appointment.

Will there be a place to store my personal belongings when I tan?

You may place your belongings next to your tent when tanning, however, Pro Tan® does not recommend bringing valuable items to your tanning appointment as we are not to be held liable for your property. We recommend leaving all jewelry in a safe place like your rooms safe.

Should I rinse after my first application?

You should not rinse unless your tanning technician advises you differently.

I want to prepare my skin correctly before my tanning appointment for the best results; what should I use?

Pro Tan® offers a variety of products that assist you in preparing your skin. The most highly recommended product is Get Buffed®, a pre-tan exfoliator that contains skin balancing properties. Begin using Get Buffed® each day one week before tanning. Do not harshly exfoliate the skin. Do not exfoliate less than 6 hours before your tanning appointment.  

How do I remove my tan?

While you will be left with a natural, brown suntan post-contest, you can aid the removal of the tan by using the Tan Remover by Pro Tan® as well as Get Buffed®.

I registered for my tanning package, but my coach advised me on the day of my appointment that I will need an additional application; what do I do?

For any reason that you may need an additional application, visit our check-in table where a Manager will assist you with booking an additional appointment. On-site additional applications are $35 and can be scheduled immediately.

I ordered skin preparation products and a DIY kit for my contest; when can I expect them to ship?

Orders placed before 2 pm EST should ship the same day; however, delays can occur based on order traffic. Our standard shipping option is via USPS Priority Mail which delivers within 1-4 business days. Please plan accordingly based on when you will need your products.

We recommend purchasing your products no later than ten business days before your contest to ensure you receive them. Be mindful of national holidays as well that close the service of the postal office.